What is an Air Compressor Used for in a Car?

What is an air compressor used for in a car? An air compressor of a vehicle is equipped with many components and it is almost the same as a room compressor. Need to modify some parts to adjust to the car.

Automobiles are equipped with different types of components. Some components are made for human relaxation. Air compressor in one of them. An air compressor is essential in a car or other vehicles. 

An air compressor removes humidity from a separate cabin’s atmosphere and conditioning air by filtering the air in that cabin. Also, air conditions maintain the temperature between 20 to 25 centigrade. People feel relaxed and comfortable in that type of atmosphere.

Why do you need an air compressor in a car?

An air compressor is a component of a car AC that provides a comfortable environment inside the car or room. Driver and passenger both feel comfortable during the driving time. Without this, you need an air compressor in a vehicle for many reasons. 

  • In the summer, the weather becomes hot, increasing humid air in the atmosphere. That is difficult for a driver to drive and for the passengers to travel. So, you need good air condition in your car that provides a cool and humid-free atmosphere inside the vehicle. You can drive and travel comfortably.   
  • During the working day, traffic jam is typical in the big city. It is challenging to stay road for a long time. Passengers face uncomfortable without air conditioning inside the car. A driver should create a comfort zone for the passengers. So, an effective AC is required in a vehicle.   
  • If a car lock for a long time, the atmosphere becomes frowzy. That isn’t easy to drive a car also passengers can’t comfort. An air conditioner not only conditions the environment but also filters the air. 

For this problem, you need a car that is equipped with an adequate air compressor. You feel comfortable driving the car. 

Components of the A/C system in a car

The components of the A/C in the car are almost the same as the room A/C. Just need to modify for made the A/C system in the car. The components of the A/C system are-

Components of the AC system in a car
Vital components of the A/C system in a car

1. Compressor

The compressor is also called the heart of the air conditioning system. The vapor refrigerant converts into liquid refrigerant by the pressure of a compressor. So a refrigerant becomes more quality for flow through the condenser. Without a compressor, AC is nothing. It is just like simple blowing fans filling your car with the outside air and its temperature.

The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant and changes your vehicle temperature. The air compressor is a powerful engine part of the serpentine belt.  

2. Condenser

A condenser is a small device that looks like a radiator. It is used after the compressor. Because a condenser provides condensing, it decreases the temperature. The condenser sends liquid refrigerant by the compressor through forced convection. Then it provides either by a radiator fan or by a separated fan used with a condenser.

3. Evaporator

An evaporator is a heat exchanger device and is placed behind the AC vent over a dashboard of vehicles. An evaporator takes heat from the car and converts liquid refrigerant sent by the expansion valve into vapor. When all the procedure is complete, the heat turns into the cold air and enters through the fan inside the car. 

4. Receiver- Dryer

The receiver dyer protects the car air conditioning system from moisture, dirt, and other harmful elements. It filters all the gas’s water, moisture, and other impurities. The filtering is essential because, without filtering, the AC system can’t work.

  • The water will enter and damage the air compressor.
  • When mixed with a refrigerant, moisture can unleash acidic contaminants into the system. 

This happens if the receiver doesn’t filter the elements. The receiver converts liquid components into vapors before sending them to the compressor for compression. That’s why receiver-dyer is used in between evaporator and compressor. 

5. Accumulator

The car AC system is made with orifice tubes instead of thermal expansion valves, and an accumulator is used instead of a dryer. The accumulator also filters like the dryer. Accumulator filters all dirt, moisture, and harmful elements from incoming air before it passes through the air conditioning system. 

6. Expansion Valve

The expansion valve is a device that divides the condenser and evaporator. It is used in the car AC to enlarge low-temperature, high-pressure liquid refrigerant that is sent by the condenser to release pressure. For this order, remove the pressure of the refrigerant before sending it to the evaporator for further process.

7. Clutches

Clutches are one kind of electro-magnetic button. The AC is activated by pushing the button.

Ultimately, before being sent to the evaporator, the condenser’s refrigerant pressures the clutches.

How does the air compressor work?

Most of the time the swash plate-type air conditioner is used in the car. A V-belt and pulley are attached to the engine block of vehicles that drive the compressor. When you press the switch in the AC system, an electro-magnetic clutch sets the belt drive in motion. 

Reed valves control the amount of refrigerant. A thin oil level applies and mixed with the refrigerant to properly lubricate the moving parts. Then the pressure drop and the AC compressor takes gas from the refrigerant through the evaporator.

In the compression time, the refrigerant gas becomes warm. It pushed the warm gas into the condenser through pipes. In the pipes, it is again liquefied, emits the heat, and enters an area for cooling. Now the refrigerant absorbs heat from the passenger compartment.

How to maintain an air compressor in your car?

You can easily find out the problem of air compressor than other parts in your car. After turning on the air compressor, you find that the AC is releasing warm air, forcing out state, or worse yet, or anything else. Then you can think about the AC that has some issue with your car’s air conditioner.  

If you face any problem with the air compressor, immediately service the AC by a professional. Don’t do anything on your own. Because the air compressor placed in the car engine and it is obscure. Also, the place of the wiring is typically very complicated. So, it is a good idea to contract with a professional.

The maintenance of the car air compressor is easy and minimal. You follow some rules. 

  • Tight and clean the drive belts as necessary.
  • Regularly use the compressor. The elements of the AC system are properly lubricated if you use the compressor regularly. 
  • Checks and perform all electric switches and sensors. Also, the EM clutch’s fuse, coil, and relay.
  • Charge your refrigerant to ensure the proper pressure levels in the air compressor system.

How long do the air compressors last?

How long does the air compressor last? You think about that, right. It depends on your use. In the winter season, we don’t need a compressor. So we don’t use an air compressor in the car. If you don’t use a conditioner for a long time, the conditioner can be faced problems. That’s what, you must active AC at least 10 minutes every day or after one or two days.   

Also, the lifespan of an air compressor depends on the vehicle or car model. 

Final Thought

What is an air compressor used for in a car? We hope that now you know about the air compressor used in a car. In this article, we discussed the air compressors of a car. A car conditioning system is compact with different components like a normal air conditioner. 

Normally, car air is confined and heated. People don’t like this type of atmosphere, and it is also harmful to the human body. An air compressor can provide it. 

An air conditioning system is made with a compressor, evaporator, expansion device, condenser, and other components. The air conditioner filters the air and provides a cooling atmosphere. 


What does the air compressor do in a car?

The air compressor provides pressure rise to the refrigerant and converts the vapor refrigerant into a liquid. Conditioner filters the air and provides a colling atmosphere. 

Can you run a car without an air compressor?

The answer to the question is depend on your choice and the weather. You can’t run a car without an air compressor if you feel hot. It is difficult for you to adjust to the confined and heated atmosphere. 

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