How To Turn On Craftsman Air Compressor

You just bought the Craftsman air compressor and have no idea how to use it. Don’t worry, I am here to guide you. If Craftsman air compressors are new to you then it’s natural you have queries. Air compressors are mechanical devices, their design varies in size, brand, and working purposes. Most new users have the question “How to turn on the Craftsman air compressor?”. Here I will guide you to turn on your new Craftsman air compressor.

Follow my writing to know how to use a craftsman air compressor. I will discuss here how to set up, use, change settings, and check the pressure of the air compressor.

How Do I Turn On My Craftsman Air Compressor?

There are several steps to make it turn on:

  • Make sure that the unit is correctly plugged into a 120-volt AC outlet.
  • Click the switch on the power cord to the on position.
  • Find out the pressure switch of the air compressor. Generally, it is placed near the Air tank.
  • Turn the pressure switch to the on position.
  • Unlock the valve of the air compressor by moving it anticlockwise.
  • Start the air compressor by pulling the cord.
  • After that, your air compressor will build the pressure. When it reaches your pressure limit the pressure gauge will indicate.
  • Turn it clockwise to close the valve of your compressor.
  • You need to flip the compressor’s pressure switch to the off position.
  • Now off the switch of the power cord.

How Do I Set Up My Craftsman Air Compressor?

Craftsman Air compressors setting process is simple. It will take a few minutes only. To set up your Craftsman follow the step-by-step guide-

  • The compressor and its parts come in a box, unpack it.
  • Now put the air compressor on a plane surface.
  • There is an air hose in the box, Connect that to the compressor.
  • To turn on the craftsman air compressor plug in it.
  • To set the required pressure for your job adjust the pressure regulator.
  • Now all setup. You can start using your air compressor.

How Do I Use My Craftsman Air Compressor?

How to use craftsman air   compressor?

1. Plugged the Craftsman air compressor into an outlet. turn the switch on and start the compressor.

2. Next,  Check the pressure gauge to observe the air pressure. add more air if the pressure is low. For this open the air intake valve. You can use a wrench here.

3. Once the air pressure reaches the required limit, start using the air compressor. Attach the necessary air tool to the air hose. Then turn on your tool.

4. When you have finished the job, turn off both the compressor and the tool. Then, open the air intake valve to release the air pressure.  This will help prolong the life of your air compressor.

How Do I Change The Settings On My Craftsman Air Compressor?

Changing settings on Craftsman air compressor

If you have a Craftsman air compressor and want to change the settings on your air compressor, then the following guideline will help you-

First, find the pressure switch of your Craftsman air compressor. You will find it near the compressor’s air tank. Unscrew the cover of the pressure switch.

Next, there is a pressure adjust screw on the pressure switch. Find the screw, you can increase the pressure by turning it clockwise and decrease the pressure by turning the screw counterclockwise.

If you have finished the adjustment screw the cover back on the pressure switch. Then make sure the new setting is working how you wanted, for that check the pressure gauge of the air compressor.

You can change the settings on your craftsman air compressor quickly and the process is not so hard. But remember to check the pressure gauge after changing the setting.

How Do I Check The Pressure On My Craftsman Air Compressor?

To check the pressure on your Craftsman air compressor you need a working pressure gauge. When you observe the working pressure gauge you can check the pressure in a few minutes. Here are the step-by-step guidelines-

1. Turn off the air compressor and open the pressure release valve.

2. On your Craftsman air compressor attach the pressure gauge.

3. Then turn on your air compressor. It will build up pressure.

4. When the compressor reached on required pressure turn it off. Then you need to release pressure from the pressure gauge.

5. To understand that your air compressor is functioning properly check the pressure reading on the pressure gauge. If it matches within the required range, then the compressor is functioning properly.


How Do I Know When My Craftsman Air Compressor Is Full?

The Craftsman air compressor has a pressure gauge that will show you when it is full.

How Do I Know If My Craftsman Air Compressor Is Working Properly?

If your Craftsman air compressor is working properly, the needle on the pressure gauge should be in the green zone. If the needle is in the red zone, the air compressor is overloading and will need to be shut off.

How Do I Troubleshoot My Craftsman Air Compressor?

If your Craftsman air compressor is not working properly, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the problem. First, check to make sure that the compressor is properly plugged into an outlet. Next, check the air compressor’s pressure gauge to see if the needle is in the green zone. If it is not, then the compressor is not building up enough pressure. Finally, check the air compressor’s safety valve to see if it is open. If the safety valve is closed, then the air compressor will not build up enough pressure.

What Should I Do If My Craftsman Air Compressor Stops Working?

If your Craftsman air compressor stops working, you should check the power source, the air compressor itself, and the air hose. Ensure that the power source is turned on and plugged into a working outlet. Check the air compressor to see if it is turned on. If it is, check the air hose to see if it is kinked or blocked.

Where Can I Find More Information On My Craftsman Air Compressor?

If you need more information on your Craftsman air compressor, you can check the owner’s manual that came with the compressor. You can also find information on the Craftsman website.


There are different types of Craftsman air compressors available in the market. How to turn on the compressor varies on the model of the compressor also. So, it will not be the same but the user manual of each compressor has details guidelines. However, the process of turning on a Craftsman air compressor is connecting the compressor to the air supply, then flipping the switch or turning the knob to start your air compressor.

If you still have questions about turning on a Craftsman air compressor, feel free to leave a comment below.