Porter-Cable Air Compressors: All You Need to Know

The majority choose the Porter-Cable air compressor to see their dedication to innovation and focus on modern technology. For many Professionals one of the favorite brands is Porter-cable. If you are new in the tools market and want to purchase a good air compressor, you can think about the porter cable air compressor. To enhance your knowledge I’ll discuss the Porter-Cable air compressor. Hope you will get to know enough about it.

Porter cables have been making tools for many years. Now they are comparable to other renowned brands. You will not find enough differences without the label. So, you can choose one of their air compressors as a good product. Follow my article to know more about it.

Porter-Cable air compressor

Porter cable air compressors are popular for their service and reasonable price. Their portability attracts people also. A century passed and Porter cable is making quality tools for its customers. They think about the users and make user-friendly items. They try to provide all the services one customer can demand. It makes them a priority product. Porter cable didn’t earn this level from the beginning. They tried to improve day by day and make a whole effort to meet the customer’s demand. Now they are on their customer’s priority list with other renowned brands.

The history behind Porter-Cable company

R.E. Porter, G.G. Porter, and F.E. Cable founded Porter-Cable. It was in New York’s Syracuse in 1906. They invested $2,300 in a jobbing machine and a tool shop. They focused on power tools in 1914. They bought a plant this time. Slowly their chief engineer develops portable electric power tools. They invented the helical drive circular saw, which is still popular. 

Porter-Cable has been sold many times, so owners change many policies and products often. The Smithsonian Institution introduced a collection of materials from the long 90 years of history of the company. As a power tool company, it was such a great initiative in 1996. 

In 2000, Porter-Cable combined with sister company Delta Machinery and moved its distribution center and headquarters to Jackson from Pittsburgh. Then Porter-Cable expanded its line-up to include more products and air compressors are one of them.

Finally, in 2004 Black and Decker which is Stanley Black and Decker now purchased the company. Now they are operating the Porter-Cable.

Manufacturer of the Porter-Cable air Compressor


On each of the porter cable air compressors, you will notice there is a disclaimer. This says, “Made in the USA from global materials.” It means all of the compressor’s materials from this brand are not made in the USA. materials are coming from China and Mexico.


Most of the materials of Porter-Cable air compressors are coming from China or Mexico. Then those materials are assembled in the USA, at Porter-Cables headquarters in  Jackson, Tennessee.

This process of manufacturing the air compressor makes the compressor cost low. So, porter Cable can serve their product at a reasonable price to their customer. If you want a whole USA-made product porter cable is not able to offer you that. It will make the products cost high and will make it tough to compete in the market.

Warranty information

There is no clear information about the Porter-Cable air compressors warranty. Clarification of warranty makes products more acceptable. But it seems it’s the customer’s responsibility to find out the warranty information if they are interested in Porter-Cables products. The air compressor has a one-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship defects. That is good for cost-effective products which are used for the home only. 

Types and sizes

Porter cable has a limited collection of air compressors. These air compressors can be categorized from small to large. There is one thing that will make you happy, smaller size porter cable air compressors are in portable versions also. So, if you need it you can carry it wherever you go. Types and sizes of porter cable- 

Small Sizes: 

These compressors are good for small jobs around your home. Small sizes air compressors are lightweight, so you can move them easily. Most of the smaller sizes are portable. It Sounds very comfortable if you compare it with larger sizes. 

Available sizes in small groups are 1.5 gallons to 4 gallons. The maximum pressure rate of small sizes porter cable air compressors is 135 to 165 pounds per square inch.

Medium sizes:

There is a great advantage of medium sizes air compressors, these are oil-free air compressors. Oil-free means low maintenance that will save you time. There are rubber feet so it can stand properly without any hassle. Medium sizes are easy to transport because of their handle. 

A maximum PSI of a 6 gallons porter cable air compressor is 150. This 30 pounds portable air compressor can serve you  2.6 cubic feet per minute @ 90 Pounds per square foot.

Large sizes:

There are many versions in larger sizes of air compressors. Porter cable offers oil-free and oil-lubricated air compressors in large sizes. If you want you can transport them easily, they have wheels.

Porter cable offers different types of large-size air compressors from 20 gallons to 80 gallons. They are able to deliver 4 to 11.5 Cubic feet per minute @ 90 PSI. The maximum PSI of these air compressors is 135 and above it.

Pros and Cons of Porter-Cable air compressor

Like any other machine, the porter cable air compressor also has some good qualities and some disadvantages. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of this air compressor. I hope that will help you to choose the better one.

Pros of Porter-Cable air compressor-

Portable options: There are some good features in Porter-Cable air compressors and portability is one of them. You can carry your compressor anywhere.  

Reasonable price: The majority of air compressor users preferred porter cable air compressors because of their reasonable price. This brand is a great combination of quality and price, so anyone can grab it easily as a good product.

Quality product: porter-cable is making some good products nowadays. You can call it a quality product if you compare its product with others available in the market. Like other good brands, Porter-cables air compressors are unbeatable.

Trusted brand: Porter-cable is a reputed brand in the tools-making industry. porter-cable earns people’s trust through their quality product. They have a very dependable back also, like Black & Decker.

Small and large sizes: Porter-cable doesn’t have a large number of options. But they have all possible collections of air compressors a customer can demand. They have small and portable versions, medium-range collections, and large sizes also.

Cons of Porter-Cable air compressor-

Noisy machines– if you are searching silent option for your air compressor then remember that Porter-Cable’s all air compressors are not silent. Search porter-cables low decibel options. 

Warranty issue- It seems that porter-cable is not very clear about their air compressor’s warranty. The 1-year warranty period and other conditions are not very clear to the customer. If you want to buy one you have to dig deep. Then you came to know something.


Who manufactures Porter-Cable air compressors?

Porter cable air compressors are not the whole USA-made product. If you see a Porter-Cable air compressor you can see there is a disclaimer on it, “made in the USA from global materials”. Usually, the materials of the products come from Mexico and China. Then the materials were assembled in the USA at Porter-Cables headquarters.

What is the price range for Porter-Cable portable air compressors?

The price range of a product depends on its type, size, and applications. But, there is a standard price range for each product. You can find Porter-Cable air compressors from $150 to $2000. It will vary according to the capacity of the product. Such as a 6-gallon Porter cable pancake air compressor is available for $185 while Porter-Cables 24 gallons portable air compressor is available for $349.99.

What are the common applications for products within Porter-Cable portable air compressors?

Air compressor helps to make work easier. It will save you tons of time. Porter-Cable air compressors use in many works besides small home projects. the common applications of porter cable air compressors are spray painting, inflating tires and balls, pressure washing, cooling, scuba diving, etc


Porter cable air compressors are a well-known brand of tools. They are making quality products. Their rich history and long experience can inspire people to choose their products. They are confident about their product, so you can easily buy one of their compressors. But before buying a product read the article carefully, and analyze the important points that you should consider. Then select the desired product and purchase.

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