[Expert Ans.] How Much Air Compressor Oil Do I Need?

A few days ago, my neighbor bought a compressor. But he can’t understand the exact amount of compressor oil. One day, he asked me how much air compressor oil do I need? Do you also face the same trouble? Then you are right because we will discuss the compressor oil. 

If you have oil-free compressors then you don’t need to worry about the oil. But if you have compressors that need oil then keep reading.

The amount of compressor oil depends on what model compressor you brought. Six ounces to 1 gallon is an actual amount of compressor oil. But the need for compressor oil is different according to the compressor type.

You get all the information from the user’s manual instructions. If you don’t get it, read the article. You will know how much compressor oil you need from this article.    

What is Air Compressor Oil?

Air compressor oil t is made only for compressors. This oil is different from motor oil. The compressor oil contains lower amounts of sulfur, carbon, and other contaminants that can cause build-up. It has no detergent like motor oil.

There are two different compressor oil, standard oil, and synthetic oil. 

Most of the time, compressor oil becomes yellow or light brown. The oil color becomes darker and contaminated after use over time.  

tools to air up a tire with an air compressor

What Kind of Oil is Good for Air Compressor?

Usually, the user manual mentioned what kind of oil is used in compressors. You have to use the oil that says in the user manual. But, some user manual does not mention the oil name. So at first, check the user manual. 

You get two types of compressor oil in the market. The synthetic oil is for continuous-use applications, heavier-duty, and the standard oil is perfect for light-to-medium-duty operation. If you don’t get any information about the oil, you use oil according to your task. 

Amount of Air Compressor Oil Needed

The air compressor users are worried about the oil level. Most of them can’t understand how much air compressor oil needs.

Ideally, you should maintain the oil level up to the center of the gauge glass. The actual amount of oil depends on the air compressor model and size. Usually, the oil capacity of a compressor is six ounces to one gallon. But it depends on the size and type of compressor. Some compressors also need one to two gallons.

Before refilling oil on the compressor, check the user manual book. You can find out the air compressor oil capacity chart

Here is a chart of Quincy compressors.

If you can’t find the oil chart, contact the manufacturer.  

What Happens If You Add Too Much Oil?

Sometimes we can’t understand the oil level. So we add too much oil to the compressor. What happens if you add too much oil? 

If you overfill your compressor’s oil, it damages your compressor. Also, you fell disturbed during the operation. Let’s see what happens if you add too much oil.

  • The extra oil can leak into the air system when you run the compressor
  • The compressed air will be contaminated
  • The internal components will damage
  • Air bottles will have too much moisture mixed air

But it will not be a problem until you turn on the compressor. You should always check the oil level before turning on the pump. 

What are you doing if you accidentally overfill the compressor’s oil? In this situation, you have to release the extra oil. For that, open the drain plug and let out the excess oil. Stop the oil drain when it reaches the accurate level. 

It is a messy task. So always be careful when filling oil on the compressor.  

How to Check The Compressor Oil Level?

Before operating an air compressor, you should check the oil level. Also, check the oil level before and after refilling the oil. Follow the below steps to check the oil level. 

When the compressor will be pressurized and cool check the oil level. If you check your car compressor’s oil level, you have to park the car. 

You can check the oil level in two ways. Check the oil level with the sight glass or with the dipstick. 

The sight glass is situated near or below the oil fill cap. Stop refilling oil when you see the oil in the sight glass. 

Now you can check the oil level with a dipstick

When Should Change Air Compressor Oil?

The frequency of the oil change depends on the compressor type. Some compressor needs more oil change; some are less.  

You get the information from the user’s manual book. A user’s instruction manual has all the compressors. In this instruction, you get all the information about the air compressor. You can also know the service hour from this. 

By any chance you aren’t getting the user’s manual or can not understand, you can know the schedules of oil changes from the basic guidelines. 

The need for the oil change in a compressor depends on its model. Although, we recommend you a basic idea to change the oil. You should change the oil of your compressor once a year or a few months. Once you open or run the compressor, you must change the oil regularly.  


How many ounces of oil do I put in my compressor?

You can put 10 ounces of oil in your compressor. This amount is best for most of the compress. But the amount of oil depends on the compressor system. 

How much oil goes in an Ingersoll Rand air compressor?

The oil capacity of an Ingersoll air compressor is 2.6Ib. 

Final Thought

We hope now you know how much air compressor oil you need. The amount of compressor oil varies to compressor type and model. So at first check, your compressor model finds out the amount of compressor oil.  

You should check the oil level before running the compressor. Also, change the compressor oil regularly. Be careful when you refill the oil. Don’t overfill. At first, know the need for compressor oil. Then fill the oil.    

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