Are Lowes (Kobalt) Air Compressors Any Good?

Are Lowes (Kobalt) air compressors any good? If you want to know that, then your right place. We will discuss the Kobalt compressor. The Lowes company made the Kobalt compressor. But you can not find enough information on the internet. Because they are known as incorporate. 

The Kobalt compressors are suitable for garage work or home workshops. They are cost-effective and of good quality. The Lowes corporation design the Kobalt compressor with various models and included different types of features. So you get the best compressor that you want. 

We will give you more information about the Kobalt air compressor in this article. So continue your reading.    

Are Lowers (Kobalt) Air Compressors Any Good

Yes,  Kobalt Lowers air compressor is one of the good air compressor brands. It has some specific features that make it a good compressor brand. They are cost-effective and good for home use.   

Kobalt compressor designed for basic tasks and small air tools. You can quickly work for a garage or home workshop. They come in a portable design. You get oil-free and oil-lubricated models both models. So you get options and take anyone according to your needs.   

If you want to use a compressor not for often, you have to choose the Kobalt compressor. Because they are good for use for hours a day, 5 days a week. After using it you can keep it in the garage or workshop without getting messy.

Kobalt compressor brand offers you different types of compressors. Like as pancake style, twin-stack, and hot dog style, and also include a wide range of sizes. You get a good size tank size. They offer you 2-gallon to 80-gallon tank sizes. 

good kobalt air compressors

History of Kobalt Air Compressor

The Kobalt air compressor was made by Lowes and manufacturer alliance J.H. Williams in 1998. The Lowes company wanted to compete with the brands Husky and Craftsman. They wanted to represent them as a Home Depot and Sears. Now they are the second largest company in the United States. 

The Lowes is the owner of the Kobalt. But they are not manufacturing their compressor. All of the compressors are outsourced from other companies. These companies change from time to time. But all the Kobalt compressors are similar and have the same brand name. Though they are made by a different company.   

These compressors are made in different countries. Like, some components are made in USE, and some are made in China. The compressors are assembled in another country. It is difficult to say where these compressors are manufactured. Lowe’s company did not disclose the name and country of its manufacturing company. 

The Kobalt compressors come in portable and non-portable both designs. Most of their compressors are portable. They also offer different designs. You get a wide variety of Kobalt compressors at Lowes. We will discuss all of them below.  

Types of Kobalt Air Compressor

The Kobalt compressor brand offers different types of compressors small to large, portable, and stationary types of compressors. In the market, you will get almost 11 types of compressors in this brand. 

We will discuss some types of compressors according to Cubic Feet per Minute and capacity. 

Large and Stationary

The capacity of these models is 7.6-11.9 CFM @ 90 PSI and the HP ratings are 3.7-5 respectively. The tank size is 60 to 80 gallons which is the largest model of the Kobalt compressor brand.

You get an oil-lubricate compressor in this model. So before choosing it make sure you have good knowledge about maintenance. 

The weight of a 60-gallon Koblat model is 255lbs and the 80-gallon weight is 410lbs. So it is much heavy. So you need to someone help to operate the truck.

Small and Portable

Do you want a compressor for home use? If yes, you have to select the small-size compressor of the Kobalt brand. These small-size compressors are lightweight. Also, they are best for light work and home use. 

The capable compressor in 0.5-4 CFM @ 90 PSI and HP ratings are 3/4-1.8. Kobalt offers a 2 to 8-gallon tank size and an oil-free compressor. So it is easier to maintain than other models.    


The medium and the large size compressors are almost the same. There have a few differences.   

Kobalt offers this model 20 to 30-gallon tank. The capacity is 150-175 max PSI and up to 4.5 SCFM with a maximum of 2 HP. If want a medium size compressor with a longer run time then this model is best for you. 

You can run this compressor for longer times with more demanding air tools. Kobalt offers oil-free compressors in their medium rage compressor. But they are heavier and the weight is 82 to 178Ibs. Also, create more noise than other compressors in this brand.   

Have a Lifetime Warranty of Kobalt Air Compressor

The Kobalt air compressor doesn’t offer a lifetime warranty. But most of their compressor has a 3-year warranty. Another worse point is the lowes brand doesn’t recommend the fixing service for breaking down the compressor. 

The warranty of the Kobalt compressor is limited. It depends on the sellers. So before buying it read the manual book properly.      

Pros and Cons of Kobalt Air Compressor

Now we want to discuss the pons and cons of the Kobalt air compressor. First, we will start with the pros. 

Pros of Kobalt Air Compressor

Less noise operation:

The Kobalt brand claim that its compressors create less noise than other compressors. They offer Quiet Tech features. This feature makes different them from other compressors. The noise rating of most of the Lowes compression in the Kobat line is 70 DB. Which is very low then other compressors.


A new compressor user doesn’t know the maintenance of the compressor. Again, some users are annoyed with changing or checking the oil all the time. The Lowes compressors made by Kobalt offers oil-free compressor. 

Most of the small compressors in these models are oil-free. That means you don’t have to change or check the oil.  

Offer variates:                             

The Kobalt compressor brand offer variations of compressor with different features. Oil-free, oil lubricates, home use or other parts are available in this brand. Also, they designed different type size compressors. So you will find out the necessary compressor that you want. Any compressor can fit your work type.   

Easy to maintain:

The Lowes compressors are easy to maintain. Because they offer most of the compressors in an oil-free system. So it is easy to maintain for use the compressor. You do need to check and change oils all the time. The oil-free compressors just need basic maintenance. 

Portable and stationary: 

Do you want to move the compressor from one place to another? You get the moving facility from the Kobalt lowes air compressor. Some models are designed with wheels some have handles for carrying. The big-size models are stationary. So you choose anyone according to your works facilities.

Low cost:

The best part of the Lowes Kobalt air compressors is the price tag. They offer low-cost compressors with good quality. The price tag is very important for a compressor user. Most compressors are expensive. But people can’t find all the features that they want. Also quality is important.   

Kobalt is different from others. You will get low-cost compressors for your home use or garage work.

Trusted and well-known brand: 

Lowes makes the Kobalt compressor. You feel happy to know that they are a trusted and well-known brand. 

Cons of Kobalt Air Compressor

Not offer repair service: 

Kobalt air compressors at lowes do not offer repair service. If you face any problem with your compressor, you have to take service from a third party. That is a little bit of risk. If any wrong happens with your compressor under warranty, you lose the warranty condition. So you need to contact an authorized dealer. So they can replace the real part of the Lowes.

Prices and quality:

Though the price is low, they consider some quality. The Kobalt air compressor is best for home use and some basic work. They are not perfect for heavy work and for a long time use. 

Not for everyday use: 

The Kobalt air compressor is not suitable for everyday use. If you want a compressor several times a day in a week, the Lowes compressor is not the best option for you. They damage quickly for continuous use. 

Which Lowes Compressor is the Best for Home Use

You get so many models at Kobalt air compressor. We will suggest the best Kobalt compressor for home use. 

  • Kobalt Quiet Tech 4.3-Gallon Air Compressor   

This model is best for home use for its special features. It has a 4-pole induction motor with dual pumps. This model offer “Quiet Tech” features. That means it does not create noise. You can work silently in your home or garage. As a result, your neighbor and housemate are not feeling disturbed. It is the best-selling feature. The decibel rating is 60.

Kobalt Quiet Tech 4.3-Gallon Air Compressor is good for different types of work. Like airbrushing, filling tires, brad nailing and stapling, inflatables, sports equipment, bolting, framing nailing, and finish nailing.

Kobalt Quiet Tech 4.3-Gallon Portable Electric Twin Stack Quiet Air Compressor
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Unique Features of this model:

  • The maximum PSI rate is 150
  • It can deliver 2.4 SCFM @ 90 PSI and 2.3 @ 100 PSI
  • The tank size is 4.3 gallons which is enough for home use
  • 1 Horsepower Induction Motor
  • Oil-free compressor
  • Need low maintenance
  • Have 2 Gauges; one for tank pressure and another for outlet pressure
  • Provide rubber wheels and a handle for easy transport
  • Making with a regulator and is easy to Use
  • It is made with a twin-stack design. That allows for more air capacity in a compact compressor

Should I Use Lowes Air Compressor

If you want to use the compressor for home use, then the Kobalt compressor will be the best choice. The Kobalt compressor offers good quality at a low price tag. You can do different types of work with some basic air tools. 

The good features and low price tag make them the best mid-range compressor. 


Which company air compressor is best?

The best 5 air compressor companies are –
1. Kobalt Air Compressor 
2. Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor
3. DeWALT Air Compressor
4. Makita Air Compressor 
5. Craftsman Air Compressor 

How many CFM is a Kobalt air compressor?

The average CFM rating of a Kobalt air compressor is 0.5-11.9. 

What is a good size air compressor for home use?

The good size of the air compressor for home use depends on your work type. Also, depending on how long you want to use it. The 2.6 to 20-gallon compressor is good for home use. The PSI rating is 70 to 100.

What is good horsepower for an air compressor?

The good horsepower for an air compressor depends on your task. The average horsepower rating is between 1.5 and 6.5 HP. The large stationary models can offer up to 15 HP.

Final Thought

The Kobalt air compressor is one of the best compressors in the market. The Lowes company made different types of compressors. They recommended the Kobalt compressors for home use, garage work, or professional work. 

You get so many features at a low price. They come in a portable design. So you can move your compressor easily.   

The compressors provide the best service for a long time. But you have to maintain them properly. Don’t use the extension cord. Before starting the operation check the oil level and other parts properly.