Are Husky Air Compressors Any Good? Learn in detail

Are you considering buying a good air compressor? And worried about the budget or performance of the compressor? Then no worries, Husky is here. Now you can ask, “Are husky compressors any good?”. Yes, it is reliable and comparatively budget-friendly. I am here to tell you more about the Husky air compressor. 

Husky Compressors are suitable for many tasks. They are reliable and very user friendly, you can use them for professional use or in your businesses. People use them for small home projects, nailing, inflation, etc.  They deliver excellent performance. Husky will make your work easier while they perform. Before buying a compressor, you should research the market and target the product. It will help you to select the best product and save money. To know more about the Husky, follow my article.

Husky air compressors

 “The Toughest Name in Tools.” -this is the slogan of the Husky. They prove it. One of the popular compressor brands is Husky. Their performance is excellent. Husky has a portable air compressor collection and is very easy to use. Smaller models of this compressor are less noisy. But the big models of Husky are noisy. Husky compressor tank filled quickly with air. Some compressor’s valve breaks down easily for long hour service. These compressors are not able to work for long hours due to overheating. There is a good thing that the Husky customer care center is very cooperative and helpful. They repair products under warranty and replace products easily.

The history behind the Husky brand

In the1924, the Husky brand started their business. But in 1992, Husky transferred its rights to Home Depot. The Home Depot is the largest chain of stores in America. They sell Husky air compressors exclusively at their stores. Home Depot markets Husky air compressors; it doesn’t manufacture Husky products. Campbell Hausfeld manufactures Husky Air Compressors.

Performance of Husky air compressor

Husky compressors are very popular to air compressor users. These compressors have some excellent qualities to satisfy their users-

  • Husky compressors are long-lasting
  • The durability of these compressors is exceptional.
  • You can use husky anywhere, at home, in your small workshop, in a garage wherever you need it.
  • Husky has a replacement guarantee; they replace old Husky devices within the warranty period.
  • Most of the Husky compressors are oil-free
  • Portable and non-portable designs are available.

Husky air compressors

Husky air compressors are top-rated for a long time. Home depot sells all kinds of husky air compressors. They have large sizes and small ones also. Home Depot sells oil-lubricated and oil-free husky air compressors. What types or sizes you are looking for, you’ll find that kind of air compressor in the Husky brand. 

Their compressors are good for home use. Some models can be appropriate for commercial uses also. I will discuss here the available options offered by the Husky-

We can divide all the models according to their sizes. Husky air compressors are very popular for their small dimensions. Follow the discussion to learn about the small to large models. 

Small sizes 

Husky compressor’s small models start from 1 gallon to 4.5 gallons. Maximum small sizes can be carried around easily. Larger sizes have wheels, so these are easy to transport. These sizes offer 0.8 SCFM @ 90 PSI to 3 SCFM @ 90 PSI. Their maximum PSI is between 135 and 175, and their HP ranges from 0.5 to 1.3 HP. 

Medium sizes

Husky made some air compressors sizes 8 gallons to 27 gallons. You can put them in medium size compressor category. These medium sizes compressors have large wheels. You can carry them easily. They deliver 3.7 to 5.1 SCFM @ 90 PSI. Their maximum PSI rating is 150 to 200, and HP ratings for these compressors are between 1.3 and 1.8. 

Large sizes

Husky has the most significant models, also. Largest air compressors’ size range from 30 gallons up to 80 gallons. The 30-gallon models are easily moveable for their wheels. But other larger sizes do not have any wheels. The larger sizes of husky models can serve SCFM 5.1 to 15.1 SCFM. Their maximum PSI ratings are between 155 and 175. Their HP varies on their sizes between 1.7 and 5 HP motors. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Husky Compressors

To analyze the positive and negative points about anything, you have to know the advantages and disadvantages of it. Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Husky.

Advantages of husky compressors-

Wide range of collections: Husky air compressors have a wide range of collections. They offer different models in different sizes. They have oil-free or oil-lubricated pumps also. Husky makes some silent and portable models for its customers. You can find your desired one from their vast collection. 

Easy to Carry: Husky compressors are highly portable. To some people, it’s famous for its portability. They provide built-in handles with good-condition wheels. It makes them easily movable. It’s helpful for those who often want to carry air compressors elsewhere. 

Fill quickly: When you work with an air compressor, the most disturbing part is waiting for refilling. But in Husky, you can avoid it. There is no waiting issue for recharging the tank. Husky is well known for quick filling ability. 

Silent: Sometimes, working with an air compressor can create a disturbance at home or in your neighborhood. People don’t welcome noisy machines quickly. Your favorite pet can’t accept them easily. So Husky has the solution for you. They make the silent air compressor for you.

Trusted Back: America’s largest chain shop, home depot, sells Husky products. Many people trust them. And present manufacturer of Husky air compressors is Campbell Hausfeld. A very well-known air compressor manufacturer. So, two very well-reputed names behind the Husky make it more reliable.

Good Warranty Service: Home Depot has good warranty service. If something happens with your husky in 2 year warranty period, return it with the receipt. They will repair or replace your product without any charge.

Disadvantages of Husky compressor-

Outside sourcing: Nowadays, Campbell Hausfeld has a contract to make husky products. It is a reputed company in the USA. But they are outsourcing the products from China and India. That means stout is not made in the USA. Outside outsourcing is not always reliable, and it changes often.

Price distance in larger models: If you are planning to buy a larger Husky air compressor, you must spend more money. There is a vast difference in prices between more petite to larger models.

Unable to serve nonstop: You can not use the husky air compressor where constant airflow is required. This compressor’s motor is not ideal for continuous work such as sanding or spray painting. This kind of prolonged use causes overheating problems.

Warranty information of Husky Air Compressor

Home depot sells husky air compressors. They give a two years warranty for defects in the material and quality. So, you can take your husky air compressor back to the home depot within the warranty period with the receipt if anything gets damaged. They will try to repair the air compressor first. If they cannot manage to fix the product, they will replace it. But remember that warranty doesn’t cover misuse.

Specific maintenance of the Husky air compressor

If you want good services from your machines, you need to take care of them. Husky Compressors are a beneficial and reliable product. So giving them a little more attention will make them long-lasting. Regular maintenance will protect machinery from immature wear and tear. The following methods will help you to maintain your husky product-

Checking the Oil in a Husky Air Compressor

Checking the oil in an oil-lubricated compressor is a routine checkup. To check the oil in your husky air compressor, disconnect it from the power source. put the compressor on a flat surface and let it settle for a few moments. Open the oil fill cap from the pump. Check inside the crankcase assembly and the dirt. Oil should not cross the halfway point of the compressor’s sight glass.

Air compressor oil guide 

Changing the Oil in a Husky Air Compressor

Changing the oil every three months is regular maintenance for your compressor. Run your compressor for ten minutes to warm up the oil. Turn off the compressor and disconnect from the power source. Under the pump, use a pan to catch the oil. Remove the drain plug and remove the fat.

Check the air filter in a Husky Air Compressor.

Please turn off the compressor for some time to cool it. Remove the filter cover by turning clockwise. To reach the air filter, remove the filter top cover. Remove the air filter from the compressor’s filter base. Remove dust from the filter element using a vacuum. If the filter condition is not good, then change it. To secure the filter reconnect the filter top with the base.


Do husky air compressors need oil?

Husky has oil-lubricated and oil-free both types of air compressors. Oil-lubricated air compressors need constant oil lubrication. It prevents immature friction on the pistons or other moving parts of the compressor. Oil helps the air compressor run efficiently. It enhanced the ability of the compressor and made the task easy. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation to use the right oil in the husky air compressor

Where are Husky air compressors made?

Generally, Husky Air compressors are made in China and India. Many companies do this type of outsourcing. Sourcing from outside helps to keep the product prices low. It can be a reason that Husky air compressors are available at a reasonable price. In this kind of outsourcing, the manufacturing country changes often. The components of the machines are made in different places. It could be some components made in China. Some are made in Mexico.

Is Husky a good air compressor?

Regular users of air compressors will understand the value of Husky products. Husky is better if you compare it with others available in the market. Husky is a reliable brand. It is budget-friendly also. Some of the husky models are silent and easy to carry anywhere. Home depot sells Husky products, and they have very good customer care service. They have replacement warranty options for the old products. A brand that comes with a lot of facilities. Undoubtedly Husky is a good air compressor brand

What kind of oil does a Husky air compressor take?

Each oil-lubricated air compressor needs oil to run smoothly. Oil helps to prevent wear and tear in the machines. All Husky air compressors have user manuals; in the user manual, they mention the oil compatible with the air compressor. So, users should follow the manufacturer’s recommendation. Husky offers air compressor oil also. These oils are good for compressors. Husky synthetic blend non-detergent oil is suitable for all oil-lubricated air compressors, particularly for the husky compressor. Husky 16 OZ. is 100% synthetic oil. It protects the compressor’s pump more than the husky synthetic blend non-detergent oil and gives your air compressor longevity. Besides these, you can choose any other air compressor oil compatible with your husky air compressor. 

Who sells Husky air compressors?

Home depot exclusively sells Husky air compressors and Husky products. In 1992 the right of the Husky was transferred to home depot. An American-based company named Campbell Hausfeld has the contract now, so they are making products for Husky. Home Depot only sells Husky products. Home depot provides excellent customer care. Their warranty conditions are good. It is worth buying a product from home depot.


Husky has all types of air compressors. It has oil-lubricated, oil-free small and large, silent air compressors. Husky compressors are good options for their size and low price. Portable sizes are easy to carry. They are well known for quick filling. Besides these advantages, husky has some disadvantages also. Such as, larger models of Husky are expensive, not made in the USA, and not suitable for lengthy tasks means that continuous airflow is impossible for husky compressors. Besides these, the Husky is popular among its users. 


Husky air compressors are excellent and reliable. Though it has a few disadvantages, home depot’s warranties and customer care support make them more acceptable.

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